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Kids Share & La Touche

Every Kids Share Workshops is unique and custom-designed to fit the community’s needs we reach. We can’t have successful workshops without the careful guidance of foreign countries’ educators and volunteers.

We are proud to be working with La Touche in Lome Togo! Sylvie Enyonam Mensah is the founder and program facilitator who has made it possible to coordinate Kids Share Workshops with her community of youth. Together with Kristina Applegate, they will help support each team leader and their group of children.

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Please scroll down to learn about our team leaders!

Sylvie Enyonam Mensah, Founder La Touche, proudly founded La Touche (#TouchAndImpact) in 2008. She is passionate about helping youth and young adults find therapeutic programs to help empower their futures. Sylvie is happy to be teaming up with Kristina to create an impactful youth development workshop in Togo this April. She is also an experienced director of admissions and has a long history of working in the education management industry.

Kristina Applegate, Founder Kids Share Workshops, is a youth program leader and has twenty-five years of business development and management experience, including over ten years of creative workshop curriculum development. She has contract experience with small and large nonprofits in developing and monitoring teams designed for various creative workshops. Kristina is also an ESL Teacher with experience teaching foreign-speaking students.

William Tapley, the Kids Share Co-Director/Actor, is married to Kristina Applegate. They have a mutual love of travel and a mission to help spread social activism through creative storytelling, film-making, and photography as the primary tool. William helps manage and monitor projects in some of the most challenging locations.

The Tapley/Lutes/Applegate Kids, three out of five children from Kristina and William will be joining to help assist with the workshop. Pictured above from top to bottom, Leo, Alexander, and Francesca all love to travel and learn with their foreign counterparts and are excited to participate in their first African Kids Share Workshops.

Bénédicte Agbemadu, La Touche Volunteer
is a proud married mother of three children.
Naturally, I am a person sensitive to the concerns of others in general, and this sensitivity becomes more vital when it comes to children and teens. I feel it is essential to have good listening skills when advising and helping people empty themselves from grief and worry. I do this through carefully guiding, motivating, and praying with people as my daily way of life.

Nadia Adamou, La Touche Volunteer, Nadia is volunteering with La Touche to help teach the Kids Share curriculum in Lome, Togo. As an early childhood educator, Nadia is committed to children’s education, helping them discover and develop their potential and well-being.

Denis Rozand La Touche & Kids Share Volunteer Adventurer, Born 1963 in Dahomey (actual Benin). From 1964 to 1985 growing up studying in the Alps, Grenoble. From 1985 to today, I have been developing trucks, heavy machines, and busy importation companies without an electronic system to help African companies build themselves. My favorite hobby is anything adventurous. I am constantly scrutinizing maps to discover small villages to find the best routes through the bush to visit them.
Denis represented Togo in the 1996 Kalimantan Camel Trophy, race in Borneo. He competed with Kristina’s husband William, who represented England. My next step in life is to give my time by helping other cultures connect to help form a better understanding of our world.