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How to Make the World a Better Place.

We planned our final celebration after completing a three-day workshop; storytelling, creating portraits, and teamwork with two community mural installations. Three of our USA teenage children were engaged in the workshop and were team support helpers with the La Touche student participants. As a volunteer program, it is not often Kids Share Workshops can bring youth from the United States to another culture. In most cases, we try to skype, google classroom, or share remotely and construct a co-created book together. When youth cultures create together, there are no boundaries, preconceived notions, or cultural differences; only Pura Vida! (pure life) synchronized together!


I am Togolese. Who am I?

Name tags decorated with three adjectives to describe oneself, followed by abstract portraits of exaggerated facial expressions and colors, is where Kids Share Workshops starts. Next, we instruct the students to pick up the power of the pencil and begin their journey as authors. The writing is simple. On day one the student writes theContinue reading “I am Togolese. Who am I?”

Hardware & Paint-Kids Share 101

Since Kids Share Workshops’ inception in 2008 in the USA and in 2010, our first international workshop in San Ramon, Nicaragua, where Kids Share created an art-house out of a donated community building in a tiny coffee community, it was an easy bee-line to the hardware store for all our creative needs in Lome, Togo.Continue reading “Hardware & Paint-Kids Share 101”

Arriving in Lome, Togo

April 2, 2022 Here we are again after five years and much change in the world…Kids Share Workshops has maintained its standing since 2008 through the generosity of volunteers, including the founder, and charitable donations from individuals and businesses. Never give up when your efforts are for the good of all people. Kristina Applegate OurContinue reading “Arriving in Lome, Togo”

April 1-17, 2022 Kids Share will be heading to Togo, West Africa!

Kristina Applegate Tapley, the founder, for the first time since 2008, will be traveling with three out of her five children in her blended family with her husband William to help volunteer with La Touche in Lome Togo, West Africa. This blog is developing in March, so please visit again soon for exciting updates!