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Qualitative-Based Testimonies

Why is Kids Share Workshops Therapeutic?

Kids Share Workshops (KSW) Therapeutic Writing Curriculum (Story-Bridge) is the workshop’s primary focus. Child Therapists, Social Workers, Educators, and Kristina Applegate, designed the curriculum in three parts with various custom themes. Children are instructed to write first about the ending of their story, next middle, and finally to the beginning. The results are always inspiring! Please read below about other workshop activities.

KSW’s Therapeutic Art Projects (Paper-Art, Abstract Portraits, and Co-Created Murals) are the workshop’s primary art focus. Kristina Applegate, the founder, came up with the idea inspired by Eric Carle, author, and illustrator of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Students learn to co-create beautiful designs used in their artwork, much like Eric Carle’s designs. Kristina’s professional illustrations and art-directed community pieces incorporate the children’s paper art from worldwide Kids Share Workshops!


Below is one of many recent and unique examples of how after a Kids Share Workshops we are able to measure success.

Feedback after a Kids Share Workshop, from Sylvie Enyonam at La Touche in Togo West Africa. (September 2022)

“The Togolese government just authorized visitation and activities back in the prisons. And you know what, this time since August, I got inspiration from your Kids Share Workshops in April by introducing a new approach to La Touche activities. We asked the inmates to draw and/or write their own stories, just like we learned with the Kids Share curriculum, and was just amazing! With the art supplies left from your workshop, we used crayons, which proved to be therapeutic.

When you return someday to Togo, you will see for yourself the beautiful outcome! Kristina, you gave me new inspiration through your Kids Share Workshops. Please feel free to count this as a positive testimony from Sylvie Enyonam of La Touche. Thank you!”

What Phycologists & Social Workers Say

Mary Pellicci Hamilton, Harvard Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery Certificate Program

“Kristina brought not only her skillful artistic expertise to a grieving community, but she also provided incredible compassion and grounding to the participants and their families. The children’s expressive smiles and excitement can be seen captured through the amazing photography by Keane Photography. The paper art-making process was healing on multiple levels and allowed the children to recreate order from chaos. The written story narration empowered the children with themes of superhero abilities and majestic power and control. KSW was embraced by the families and Newtown community. A win-win for all!”

Keith Storace Psychologist in Melbourne Australia

“Kids Share Workshops’ mission to inspire self-expression in children echoes my personal and professional commitment to encourage a child’s healthy sense of self in the context of connecting with the community. My interest in contributing to Kids Share Workshops stems from my chosen area of work that emphasizes the importance and impact of the child’s interpretation and belief about their environment and that art can be a welcomed catalyst for change within that environment.”

Kian F Jacobs, LCSW, Psychotherapist/private practice at Kian F Jacobs, LCSW

Kristina had more energy than the 30+ Newtown children in the room. It was a fun experience, artistic, creative, sensitive, multimedia, and best of all curative for all involved. I would recommend Kristina for artwork with children, especially since this form of expression has been diminished over the years in the standard academic system.

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