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How to Make the World a Better Place.

By celebrating teamwork through therapeutic storytelling and the arts for social change.

We planned our final celebration after completing a three-day workshop; storytelling, creating portraits, and teamwork with two community mural installations. Three of our USA teenage children were engaged in the workshop and were team support helpers with the La Touche student participants. As a volunteer program, it is not often Kids Share Workshops can bring youth from the United States to another culture. In most cases, we try to skype, google classroom, or share remotely and construct a co-created book together. When youth from other cultures come together, in many cases, there are no boundaries, preconceived notions, or cultural differences; only Pura Vida! (pure life) synchronized together for one common goal!

What followed before our celebration was excellent coordination between the adult and youth volunteers. Kids Share gave the remaining GoFundMe proceeds to pay for a large community gathering of local dishes, drinks, and desserts. Thanks to Akpe-Benedicte Agbemadu and her restaurant catering skills; and Sylvie Enyonam Mensah’s family’s help in her kitchen, the food was more than outstanding! We also were surprised to have local musicians with their talented ensemble singing Togolese-feel good tunes for all to enjoy!

One of the essential Kids Shares missions is to celebrate the hard work; time spent learning about each other, sharing our stories, and feeling well-nourished during our celebration. Food, music storytelling, and art have become an essential part of Kids Share’s therapeutic workshop.

Before our goodbyes, we all admired our completed stories and artwork, feeling proud of what we accomplished as a team. Our Kids Share family was surprised to receive heartfelt, custom-created containers for each one of us, made from composite sawdust. What a beautiful unforgettable experience! We hope to return someday but are very grateful for our time together.

Stay tuned as we finalize the translated French/Togolese stories!


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Empowering youth through therapeutic storytelling and the arts for social change.

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